Sunday, September 12, 2010


This year my school is really trying to boost our vocabulary test scores. I am trying to get teachers to use technology everyday in the classroom/homework. I plan to use this starting tomorrow in my classroom.  We just recently purchased a new vocabulary textbook, and this will go so nicely. Also, an easy homework assignment will be for the students to add to their pages the new list. That in itself will help them study. If they never revisit the site to practice with, they still have typed it up.

I wish it was a little easier to add students to your group. It would be nice if they could just join without having to sign up. I wish I could send them a link and they could just log in with password to view their words. This way I could add words for them to view without inviting them every year.


  1. This a great post! I like this tool you found. I am currently starting to have my students blog on a website I created for them. This would be excellent for my students to go and use if they are having trouble with words they need to spell. Not only that I could use this for building vocabulary in reading. This could be a great site for word hunts. I am so glad that you posted this tool. I need one of these because of my blogging I am doing for class. This is just great! Thanks.

  2. Pam... I love this site!!! Thanks for introducing it to me. I am on a technology kick as well with the other teachers in my school. I sent them the site and I hope they check it out and use it. I think it is an awesome tool that student can use to help them study. Where were these tools when we were growing up? I wish this was around I would have been using it to help me study everything. To anyone that has not checked this site out, it is an absolute MUST! Great work on finding a very useful tool that could easily be adapted to any subject matter!

  3. Awesome resource! As a Reading & Language Arts teacher, this could be a very valuable tool for me. In addition, my students love using the computer, so any type of resource that is online is a plus. I'm thinking this could be a great supplemental activity for my students to use at home for homework and at school as a station or center.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pam,

    This is a great find! Thanks for introducing me to it. With the population I work with, vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges we have in closing the achievement gap. With this site, they get to interact and see their peers interacting. This is so much better than teacher directed. They already get more "teacher cramming" than they like and teacher centered instruction, especially with vocabulary is not very productive. I cannot wait to introduce this to my colleagues. Thanks.