Sunday, September 5, 2010


I am very excited to use this tool in my classroom.  I mean anything new and exciting I can utilize, the kids will think I am the coolest teacher. The students can make a really cool picture blog and it creates its own website for sharing. The students can make posters that are animated, and add text to share their thoughts.

I could not download my first choice due to Windows only application. I am very glad I ended up finding this. This is right up my alley.

The easy templates make it easy for any student to create anything you want them to. It makes a great homework assignment. Students can make a summary of what they learned. I am looking forward to adding my students to my page. It even lets an RSS feed to show any new Glogs the student has made.

I played with it for about 15 minutes, and I found everything I needed. It was so user friendly. I plan to use this right away.


  1. This tool looks really fun. In addition to using it for class projects, I would like to use it for marketing. I am the director of a dance program for a performing arts high school and it would be awesome to do one of these and include video clips to advertise upcoming performances. I could use social media like Facebook to distribute the link. Thanks for the tool. I have it bookmarked.

  2. Excellent tool! Would this program be great for a 5th grade class. I have used so many new ideas so far on from this masters. This is just another I hope I can use. I would love to get my students to try and create their own website to get them more involved with technology. I think this would be excellent for students to work on at home and in school. Great find!

  3. I have used Glogster since it started beta testing and I have been hooked ever since. I absolutely agree with you that the kids love this site and the ease of use is tremendous. I actually just got the 1 month pro trial to see how it compared to the free version and I am really considering paying the money to have that extra access. It provides so much more control to the teacher as far as changing nicknames and class groupings and so much more. I have had kids doing projects on this and never get negative feedback with this tool. The only major pitfall is Glogster does unannounced site maintenance and it is usually during school hours, so I highly recommend having a back up lesson on hand just in case you are using it on one of those days. it has happened to me in the past and even happened to me today (9/8/10) during 2nd period. It is very aggravating and the site does not have a place for feedback or tech support. Once you are prepared for that headache, the rest of the time it is very, very useful and powerful for giving these kids a sense of independence and tech savvy. Enjoy the glogging ... I have.

  4. I'd look to consider Glogster as another Web 2.0 to incorporate with my Action Research on cell phone use in the classroom, which discusses taking digital notes with the cell phone's camera. Students could take the pictures with their phones and upload to Glogster. What a brilliant idea, as I was considering researching a similar platform soon. Thanks for the idea.