Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Media Asset Creation (MAC) Week 4-Art Of Possibility- End chapters

I have recently added the phrase, "A vision articulates a possibility" to my Facebook page to see the comments that would be left. Since I am terrible with delayed gratification, after only one 'like' I moved onto my students to hear their comments. Some students were stuck at the word 'articulates' while others replied, "Oh yeah, yeah I get it Miss (for some reason all the kids use Miss instead of Mrs. such and such)." Anyway, I came to realize that students are the one who should be reading this book. The problem blocking most students is that they have no vision. Therefore blocking most possibilities and missed opportunities.

I look at myself. I always had vision and always steered my course to the direction I wanted it to go. I remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I replied with specific details up to to the type of car I would drive. All have come true except my Eddie Bauer Explorer is a Kia Sedona (which most people think is the Cadillac). My visions determined my possibilities. I wish most of my students would see their visions like I saw (and still continue to see) mine, work towards those goals, and not miss opportunities that might belong to them. Like in the movie "Field of Dreams" if you build it, they will come.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Media Asset Creation (MAC) Week 4-Free Choice

What else would one who is one month and a few projects away from graduating? Disney World! Just kidding. Graduation! Hotel is booked, kids are ready, and permission is granted to take off of work a few days.

I am a little bummed that graduation is being held on Thursday. My kids are going to miss the biggest day of the year! The annual Spirit Day. They are bummed about it, and it has caused me to rethink graduating on that day.

Media Asset Creation (MAC) Week 4-Comment 2 (Scott's Page)

Scott says: This weeks Wimba forced me to think for the first time past Month 12. Before tonight I was looking forward to graduation and the end of the program, I was counting down the days till I could have some free nights and no worries. Now I am thinking about what did this all mean? where do I go from here and what will I do with all of this "stuff" in my head? At first this caused a peak in my anxiety that it will never end, but I then realized that all of this "stuff" will make me want to do more for my job and for others that I come into contact with. I was excited to think about how I might be able to make some serious changes in my school and in my career with the results and ideas that I now have from all of this "stuff".

With the thought of publishing my work or allowing others to post a presentation that I make on my findings and what I have learned as a result of research and experiences I get excited for what is to come. I get excited now to possibly expand my work and try out other methods on my co-workers and experiment with different types of programs to help teachers become better at what they do using technology.

I am still looking forward to free nights and no deadlines for assignments, but after tonight I am also looking forward to further pursuing my work and seeing what else I can do.

Pamela says: It is all a little nerve wrecking knowing we are almost free of assignments. I also wonder what I will do with all the extra time. So, I registered for my National Board Certification. I guess I was continuing my possibilities.

Think Aloud 2

I am confident and proud of my paper. I feel that my efforts came together.

Think Aloud 1

Oh boy!  What shall I do?  I am thinking I better stick with the paper as to not have a death by PowerPoint.

Media Asset Creation (MAC) Week 4-Comment 1 (Mike's Page)

MIKE SAYS: As I have mentioned in my previous posts regarding this book, the insight offered by the Zanders transcends the fields of music and psychology and applies to all human relationships. The concluding five chapters neatly tie it all together. Each of these sections builds a case for creating a world that could be free of conflict and full of compassion. How could Lighting a Spark not speak to all of us in education. It is our goal to create the spark in the minds and eyes of our students, which in turn will enroll us deeper into the process, and creating a cycle of success. We attempt this by Being the Board on which our lessons are played out on, being rigid but also flexible based on the needs of our students. photo by Bernadette Colletti The deepest challenge is sustaining this throughout the school year, day after day. Face it, we all have off days, but we need to minimize those, or at least the effect those have on the kids. Finally, if we look at our students and the gifts they bring to the classroom, Telling the WE Story will engage both the children and us so we achieve the most success possible. It is what the Art of Possibility is all about. photo by Bernadette Colletti Like Presentation Zen, I have purchased a shelf copy of The Art of Possibility to be a permanent part of my personal library. I am sure I will revisit parts of this book as I move through the rest of my career.

PAMELA SAYS: First of all let me just say I love the way your blog is set up. It is so neat and organized. Lighting a spark is definitely what I do everyday. Off days always seem to be the day when I get observed- haha

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Media Asset Creation (MAC) Week 3-Comment 2 (Everett's Page)

Everett Says:
These chapters are really geared towards myself and friendships that I have. The example in chapter 5 about the conductor that doesn't know his members of the orchestra personally, but would like to. The members hold him in such a high esteem that they send messages to him through those in the hierarchy. He receives all praise for how the orchestra sounds, yet he does not perform and instrument at the concert. I think it is important to acknowledge all that are part of the larger picture. Especially if they are all working towards a common goal. The results tend to have a better outcome. When people are acknowledge, they tend to have a personal stake in the goal and perform better.
Pamela Says: YES! It happens too often though. People want the individual attention! I always try to go back and ask what other teachers did this awesome student graduating have prior to my class? Everyone should feel motivated and part of the whole. Working with mostly women at most schools can cause chaos. If we all think like this, it would be a much better place.